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Magazine groupe – LogisticsPeople

Rhenus Logistics People

new issue of “LogisticsPeople” is now available: Rhenus Dares a look into the future

The latest issue of the Rhenus Group’s corporate magazine has now appeared. Using various articles, the new “Logistics People” carefully examines the transport mix of the future. The development and expansion of the railway business at Rhenus is just as much a subject as the remodelling of the product lines for the company’s air and sea freight business. In line with this, Dr Andreas Backhaus, Senior Vice President European Site Logistics Operations at BASF, and Klemens Rethmann, CEO at Rhenus, jointly discuss the distribution of volumes of traffic between different modes of transport. The plans at “Cargo sous terrain” suggest one innovative approach for coping with the increase in the quantities of goods needing to be transported. The underground, automatic conveyance system is set to revolutionise the movement of freight in Switzerland.

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